Educational Tutoring Program

Educational Tutoring Program

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How We Started

Educational Tutoring Program in Tennessee is headed by our sole proprietor and program director, Shelia Harrison. Driven by her great passion for educating the youth as well as her 22 years of experience in the field, she established our institution. We strive to reach every family with children that may be at risk of illiteracy due to poverty.

Her vision of our program was funded and supported by The RISE FOUNDATION in 2016. In its initial phase, our organization was based in the city of Memphis. SEEDCO SEAMS PROGRAM then launched the business in February 2017 through their save-up plan of seeding entrepreneurs in West Tennessee.

Personal Life

Ms. Harrison is a native of Jackson where she owned and operated two group homes from 1995 to 2008. She relocated back to Memphis in August 2012 to pursue a Master’s degree in Special Education. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Liberal Studies.

Ms. Harrison is currently enrolled in the Master of Art Special Education online degree licensing program with Grand Canyon University. She is seeking DBE Certification for her company with The Uniform Certification Agency through The MMBC Continuum located here in the city of Memphis. 

The Bread of Life Food Program, which is an extension of her company, has become a new SFSP Sponsor. Ms. Harrison will be attending the workshop in Nashville for additional training through the TN Department of Human Service. 

Ms. Harrison is also an author—she has written and published her first children’s book titled “Mama and Me,” which can be purchased directly from Xlibris or through our online store.

Moreover, she has written and produced a Gospel CD (New Life) through the Jackson, Tennessee-based Highland House Productions in 2002. The album is available through our online store and can also be purchased and downloaded from Google Play.

Current Endeavors

Aside from being our program director, Ms. Harrison is also a licensed Evangelist with the International Congress of Churches and Ministers (ICCM). Dr. Michael Chitwood, the founder of ICCM, has been Ms. Harrison’s mentor since she established her first business, Heavenly Babies Christian Academy in 1995. She dedicates her grant writing as well as her success as a woman and an African-American entrepreneur to him.

Now, her goal for Educational Tutoring Program is to “read to teach, teach to read.” Through her experiences and skills, she guides students so that they can see a brighter day. By trusting in the Creator of Her Faith, you’ll find the light whenever you are in a dark place.

Our Mission Statement

As the people behind Educational Tutoring Program, we make it our mission to provide services to school districts, parents, students, and others. Our team will focus on promoting excellence in literacy as we go through our summer reading program for first-, second-, and third-grade students.